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If you agree to make repairs spell out your obligations clearly and set a limit on the amount you will spend. A clean and tidy boat always earns a higher selling price so invest some time and elbow grease. Scrub the entire boat and deck with mild detergent and a soft brush. If the fiberglass finish doesnt gleam invest in having it buffed with rubbing compound and polished with wax. On small boats you can do this yourself using an automotive buffing wheel. If your varnish is tired at least one coat will restore the shine. If the teak is gray bleach it so it looks good and perhaps oil it too.
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Boating experts generally recommend telling interested parties that you're looking for a change in lifestyle a different boat a bigger boat or even a smaller boat are all common reasons why someone might sell a boat. You don't need to lie to sellers just know in advance what to say so you're not caught off guard if they do ask. Sometimes when you're selling something online you'll get a lot of nibbles before anyone commits to an actual purchase.
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The RYA Safety Management Policy System. Buying or Selling a Boat. Please note many of the articles featured in this section are locked down to members. Please login with your membership account in order to access these pages. If you are considering buying a boat you are probably considering making what for most people is a significant financial investment. Just like buying a house or a car when buying a boat there are many aspects to consider to ensure you are buying the right boat for you.
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New boats plus as many as 60 used boatstrade-in and brokerage per year. Unlike you not selling a boat meant not paying my mortgage. I was motivated to say the least. Heres a bakers dozen pro tips to help you do the deal. Market it Advertise heavily. Place ads in local boating press the big daily newspaper and if its a large boat or one of limited availability that buyers will likely travel out of state to see place ads in the pricier regional and national venues. Picture ads draw more traffic. Rent space at some highway-side lot where hundreds of passers-by can see itmore than in your driveway.
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Well also discuss how you can find the right broker to sell your boat. Why use a yacht broker? Selling a boat is similar to a real estate transactionits usually too complex and involves too much value to risk doing it on your own. Yacht brokers work hard to facilitate the sale of their listings and to protect and promote the interest of their clients just as a real estate agent will do when you sell your house. Some countries and US states like California and Florida require licensing of their yacht sales professionals.
How to Sell Your Boat is part of the Dominion Marine Media Network. Copyright 1999-2017 Dominion Marine Media. Back to search results. How to Sell Your Boat. Selling a used boat? Here's a step by step guide to make it happen quickly and easily. If you clicked on this article we have a pretty good idea of what you're thinking right now Oh no I have to sell my boat! While we hate to think of you going boatless we understand. While we love our boats with all our hearts for most of us buying a new one requires selling the old one. All of us here on the editorial staff have been there.
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Tips for the Buyer. Tips for the Seller. Limited Power of Attorney To empower your Agent/Attorney to do a boat transaction on your behalf. Free Boat Rental Agreement. Whether you are buying or selling a boat do your research and find the market price for a similar make and model. Explore local or internet classifieds or the Nadaguides. When you buy or sell a boat privately an added advantage will be the extras that come with it which a new boat may not have! A boat cover depth finder marine radio life jackets speed control water skis anchor emergency flares life raft and the all important trailer can make the purchase more attractive to the buyer and assist the seller in realizing a better price for his boat.
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Try putting it on all the free web sites google it and you'll find a list. Sold my 1973 P-36 on Sailnet. From BillT on Cruising World message board. Further hints on selling a boat. There are a number of clichs in the industry and they all apply. For example a gallon of paint in the can is only worth about 25 but applied 1000. Keep the decks clean and the interior spotless. The prospective buyer should likewise see a boat ready to move on to. Unfortunately there are a number of salespeople in the business who will take a listing at a price suggested by the seller just to get the listing.
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This way we knew they were motivated and had a vested interest. The boat sold quickly. Dont be cheap when selling a boat! Buyers have a lot of options. When buying a boat. If you become interested in a boat located in another location to avoid the expense of traveling to the boat consider getting someone local to help out. On several occasions when purchasing our current boat we contacted a local person to do a once over for us. This entailed taking a few pictures and emailing them to us looking at the general condition of the boat and calling us.

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